Nick Atkinson

Ambar Kelly

Presentation Title: "Riser shafts and how to avoid chimneys"

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Stuart Baillie

Partner, Head of Planning
Knight Frank

Presentation Title: "The Future of London's Skyline"

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Dominic Bettison

Wilkinson Eyre

Presentation Title: "Tall Buildings and the Zero Carbon Agenda"

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James Bruce

Civic Engineers

Presentation Title: "Victoria Riverside, Manchester"

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Simon Dingle

Regional Director
John Sisk & Son

Presentation One Title: "The Mercian"

Presentation Two Title: "UK's Tallest Premier Inn" 

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Nattasha Freeman

Turner & Townsend

Presentation Title: "Getting Ahead of the Curve - Preparing for the Impact of the BSB on Property and Project Management"

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Rodolfo Giannini


Presentation Title: "South Quay Plaza"

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Allan Hurdle

Technical Consultant
Serge Ferrari

Headline Exhibitors: 10 Minute Audience Address - "Why Euroclass A2 facade membranes play an essential role for fire safety concepts for high-rise buildings."

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